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Optics For Fluoroscopy

I have developed a device that allows diagnostic imaging to be aligned optically.  For example, radiographs, fluoroscopy, and computed tomography can be aligned prior to any use of radiation.  I developed a prototype and performed a research project using the device in the fluoroscopy suite.  The device successfully reduced radiation by more than 80%.  I presented my feasibility study at the 2019 Society of Pediatric Radiology (SPR) conference.  I then submitted my device to the SPR Shark Tank competition.  I was chosen as a finalist and presented OFF (Optics For Fluoroscopy) live at the competition on April 14, 2024.  I am now seeking an industry partner to begin production of the device, ideally integrated into fluoroscopy machines.
There is more information on the device available by pressing the buttons above or below this paragraph.  The information has been broken down into three sections:

1.  The Story -- The story of how and why I invented the optical imaging guidance device.  The narrative of the development and its initial trials reveal the purpose and benefits of the device.
2.  The Device -- Information on the prototype including how it is used and how it has benefitted patients. Potential future advancements including integration into new fluoroscopy systems are also discussed.
3.  The Pitch -- An industry partner or buyer is now being sought to manufacture the device and integrate it into fluoroscopy systems. This section gives a quick pitch to interested manufacturers.
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